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Take our surveys below so that we can better serve Downtown Jacksonville.

 DTJax Resident Survey
Each year Downtown Vision evaluates the state of Downtown Jacksonville and collects data on how to improve the Downtown experience. If you live in #DTJax (Northbank, Southbank, Brooklyn/Riverside Avenue, LaVilla or the Stadium District) we want to hear from you!
Complete our survey and be entered to win a $100 gift certificate to the Downtown restaurant or retailer of your choice. Two winners will be chosen and contacted by the email address provided. 

Art Walk Visitor Feedback

We want your input on how to keep Art Walk fresh. Please take a few minutes to share your feedback on this monthly event. Once you’ve completed the survey, please pass it along to your friends. 

The Downtown Investment Authority (DIA) is currently in the process of revamping its Retail Enhancement Program to include new incentives for food and beverage establishments interested in locating Downtown. 


Program Goal: Create two targeted active street front districts within the Central Civic Core District that are distinctive in character, but serve to provide concentrated areas of daytime and evening retail, dining and entertainment opportunities that are visible from the street, and that include sidewalk café spaces wherever feasible. These activated corridors will provide the urban lifestyle that many downtown residents seek while helping encourage further residential growth as well as attracting residents from nearby neighborhoods into Downtown. By targeting our focus, a resident or visitor will be able to find a variety of opportunities within close proximity, and businesses will be both visually connected and walkable. 

To obtain the valuable data needed to create the new incentives, the DIA has created a survey for Downtown residents and employees. This survey allows residents and employees to share their shopping behaviors with the DIA and describe the types of businesses they might support if they were available in Downtown Jacksonville. Their participation will be the cornerstone of a marketing plan designed to help attract new businesses to Downtown Jacksonville.

DIA Survey: Targeted Food & Beverage Program | Downtown Employees
DIA Survey: Targeted Food & Beverage Program | Downtown Residents

For questions and additional information regarding the new program, please contact Ina Mezini, DIA Marketing and Communications Specialist at 904-255-5693 or rmezini@coj.net

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