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Intro to Acting Class


A fun and formal 4-week introduction to acting from Jacksonville’s # 1 Acting Studio!

Intro to Acting

A formal introduction to acting, technique, & the business side of the industry from Jacksonville’s # 1 performing arts studio!

Our 4 week Intro to Acting Class is a fun and formal introduction to the art of acting and designed for students who have zero prior experience. Adults and mature teens are welcome! This class meets once a week for two hours for a total of 4 classes!

This class is perfect for:

  • those with no prior experience who want to start their acting journey
  • anyone who’d like to build confidence, pursue a passion, strengthen communication skills, gain a creative outlet, learn how to articulate thoughts/feelings/emotions, make friends, grow, and have fun

Our classes are fun and supportive and they’re all taught by professional, working, agency-signed actors who are in the industry right now!

Session Info:

Session Type: Intro to Acting (small, in-person class)

Meets: Wednesdays, 7pm – 9pm x 4 weeks

Starts: 1/5/2022 at 7pm

Duration: 4 classes

Cost: 179-

Includes: 4 classes, mock audition tapes, graduation certificate

Taught by: Instructor Rebecca (click hyperlink for IMDB page/bio)

What We’ll Cover:

  • A thorough understanding of what acting really is and what skills you must have in order to be skilled in this discipline (in short, a debunking of the many assumptions carried by many so you can make an informed decision on whether to pursue acting professionally)
  • A working understanding of 3 of the most recognized and universally practiced acting techniques (Meisner, Strasberg, and Practical Aesthetics) and how to implement them into your work as an actor
  • How to become more emotionally intelligent as well as a thorough introduction on why “living truthfully through imaginary circumstances” is vital for brilliant and compelling acting performances that make the audience forget that they’re watching a film or play and instead make them feel as though they know you and are watching someone’s life unfold
  • How to get out of your head so you can effectively and instinctually communicate what you want (say what you mean and mean what you say) and articulate how you feel in any given moment (i.e. scene)
  • A detailed introduction of the business side of the industry including agents, demo reels, slates, casting calls, callbacks, head shots, resumes, unions, working in the SE Region with and without an agent & more
  • The basics of reading, analyzing, and dissecting scripts, giving yourself “as-ifs”, how to apply substitution, assigning acting verbs (tactics) to your dialogue, and making things personal and meaningful in your work
  • The importance of specificity and making bold choices as an actor
  • How to slate and properly audition in-person plus auditioning etiquette
  • How to properly audition by self-tape; the most utilized form of auditioning today
  • How to ease nerves and “stage fright” jitters with relaxation techniques so you can refine your public speaking skills

The Different Types of Acting:

  • Theater
  • Film + Television
  • Commercial + Print
  • Voice Over + Web
  • Industrials + Infomercials

Techniques you’ll be introduced to:

  • Meisner
  • Strasberg
  • Practical Aesthetics

The Business Side of the Industry:

  • Casting Calls + Auditions
  • Cold Reads + Monologues
  • Head Shots + Resumes + Demo Reels
  • Slates + Self-Tapes + Audition Etiquette
  • Agents + what you’ll need to get a reputable one (when you’re ready)
  • How you can start working in the South Eastern Market without an agent

About Us + More Info:

Who We Are:

Creative Veins is an award-winning, A+ rated performing arts studio that trains students of all ages and experience levels in acting, improv, stand-up, and screenwriting. All our classes are taught by professional, agency-represented performing artists who live in Jacksonville and work regionally (Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Nashville, and Knoxville) on paid bookings in film, theater, commercials, television, and live show productions. Additionally, many of our instructors are multi-disciplined, meaning that besides being highly trained and skilled in their craft, they have also trained in improv, music, singing, dance, stand-up, and more! Our sessions are offered in 4-week blocks and meet once a week for two hours. From the newbie to the hobbyist to the serious, aspiring professional, we see a wide range of students; all with very different goals. We’re eager to help each student accomplish these goals, whatever they may be! Pro-tip: Professional, skilled, experienced, agency-represented actors who are actively working in the industry right now typically make the best teachers and can provide the most accurate, up-to-date information in this discipline!

Class Size + Covid-19 Info:

Please note, our in-person studio classes are always kept smaller in size to provide a more personalized curriculum to ensure each student’s success in the program! Once a class is full it is marked as SOLD OUT and we cannot add any additional students to it. Additionally, and most importantly, the health and well-being of our students and faculty is vital to us. All students and faculty are required to wear masks as they enter the building. We’re social distancing of at least 6 feet, requiring handwashing/sanitizing, and have a no-touch policy in place. All classrooms and common areas are sanitized prior to and immediately following all classes. For more info, please email us at the email address below for a comprehensive covid-19 policy our studio has in place.


We strongly encourage perfect attendance. If a class must be missed, we’ll do our best to get the student caught up in time for the next class, so they’re not behind. Missed classes can be made up in any future session. Make-up dates never expire.


We are conveniently located in the heart of downtown Jacksonville just two blocks up from The Florida Theater (approx. a 20-minute drive from most parts of our city)! Our studio is 4,000 square feet with a lobby and movie room for rides, parents, and guests to hang out during class! We offer plenty of free parking right in front inside our private lots. Additionally, there’s also free parking at the street meters on weekends and after 6 p.m. on weekdays.

Additional Questions?

Contact us at Admin@CreativeVeins.com or by phone/text at 904-323-2471!

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Creative Veins Performing Arts Studio

337 East Forsyth Street

Jacksonville, FL 32202

904.323.2471 (call or text anytime)



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