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Jacksonville Dance Theatre: InMotion at Florida Theatre


Jacksonville Dance Theatre: InMotion: A Concert Stage Performance of Repertory Work in Downtown Jacksonville

Jacksonville’s own critically acclaimed professional modern dance company presents its InMotion: A Concert Stage Performance of Repertory Work in Downtown Jacksonville. This concert, in two acts, will feature new and repertory works created and performed by women:

• La Mesa (Premiere, 2022) by Artistic Director Rebecca R. Levy is a new work of choreography that implements elements of Dadaism, Dance Theatre (of the German, Tanztheater), and use of text to translate the choreographer’s frustrations of living in a society that gaslights and quiets the voices of woman.
• Commissioned by JDT and choreographed by Bliss Kholmeyer, Labyrinth (2022), is a kinetic yet grounded work of intricate movement, intense patterns, and stunning personal performances. The piece explores how we are in the middle of a maze every day with every conversation, every relationship, and every experience. Some are more straightforward than others. Some are in our heads, and some are in the public eye. Once we find our way out, there is another one just around the corner.
• Commissioned by JDT and choreographed by Ebone Amos, this new work (not yet titled) will focus on the positionality and social conversations of womanhood. How we adhere to/wrestle with/totally negate and often misunderstand the private experiences and public expectations of women.

The show will highlight the range of athletic, entertaining, and eclectic works the company is known for, as well as the growth, strength, and beauty of this local modern dance company. Featuring solo and ensemble performances, compelling choreography, and high-quality production, this once-a-year evening of concert dance is not to be missed.


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