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John Bunker – New Drawings and Paintings Opening Reception


In times past when plague and disease ravaged the world, artists fled to solitude. And great works of art were created. In this time of COVID, a premier Jacksonville painter, John Bunker, filled his time making exquisite drawings.

People familiar with Bunker’s work will recognize familiar themes: flowers in bloom, explosions of color, reminiscences of other times and other artists in the art world. Plus, of course, John Bunker’s supremely gifted hand at drawing, subtle color selection, and characteristic exuberance.

But there is something different, even extraordinary, about these drawings. They are absolutely ethereal. Done on color-infused paper, Bunker used mixed media to create this suite of over 150 drawings. Twenty-four of them will be shown in this exclusive exhibition. It should be noted that the drawings will be presented unmated and unframed—as if they were still on the drawing board where the touch of John Bunker’s hand is hovering close by over the work. The works will be on display through January 2022 in Taliaferro Hall, St. John’s Cathedral


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