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La Boheme The Opera


The opera La Bohème centers around the tragic love story of Mimí and Rodolfo.
The story is set in 1830 Paris and shows the lifestyle of four struggling bohemians – a poet, a painter, a musician, and a philosopher. Shivering in a garret and owing rent, their lives change forever the night Colline the Philosopher and Schaunard the Musician earn enough money for all of the friends to buy a meal at a nearby restaurant. Rodolfo the Poet stays behind to finish his writing but is interrupted by Lucia, known as Mimi, a seamstress from the next apartment over. They are instantly attracted to each other and decide to catch up with the others. At the restaurant, Rodolfo’s friend Marcello the Painter is re-acquainted with his flirtatious ex-girlfriend, Musetta, who dumps her sugar daddy once she convinces him to pay everyone’s bill.
Sometime later – Musetta and Marcello are living together, as are Mimi and Rodolfo. Rodolfo is aware that Mimi has tuberculosis and is rude to her in the hopes that she will leave him for someone who can take better care of her. Eventually, she does. Musetta also splits from Marcello and the four bohemian men resume garret life together. They are visited by Musetta, who has found Mimi living with a wealthy count but dying. Musetta brings Mimi back to die in the presence of her true love and friends. Musetta and Marcello reunite as Rodolfo cries over his Mimi.
Teatro Lirico D’Europa was created in 1988 by the late Yves Josse, a former ballet divo and brilliant French arts promoter, and Giorgio Lalov, a young Bulgarian opera singer who made his debut at Teatro alla Scala, Milan, at the age of 25 while participating in Scala’s famous international training program for young singers. The collaboration between Josse and Lalov was a huge success in a very short time, resulting in tours with over 250 performances a season throughout France, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Sicily, and Portugal. The popular company had developed a firm history of success in Europe with a huge portfolio of hundreds of rave reviews for full-scale opera productions


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