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Lauren Fincham


Musical performance by Lauren Fincham during Hemming Park’s lunchtime in the park!

Sometimes the muse is working in our sleep. For singer-songwriter Lauren Fincham, the depths of the subconscious can be a well from which to draw inspiration. The title track from her most recent and fourth release, One Red Wing is a fable-like ballad in which Fincham “awakes” as a crow with “one red wing/one black wing.” Under a sky of falling stars, a cast of creatures, including a fox and rabbit, along with a buried treasure, arrive as otherworldly archetypes, the story developing over a bed of trippy, nearly psychedelic, instrumentation. “One Red Wing” plays out as a fable, with Fincham’s signifiers rising and falling throughout the song’s narrative, as well as her being—and not being—the crow.


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