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Pokemon Go Community Day at Sandlot Jax


We’re excited to announce that Pokémon GO and other Niantic Inc. games are coming to Downtown Jacksonville April 23-24 as part of a Niantic Community Day and that John Hanke, Founder & CEO, will be keynoting at Sandlot JAX on April 23 as part of our world-class lineup.

For entrepreneurs, gamers, technology lovers, health enthusiasts, and all curious people out there, here’s why I believe John’s story and point of view matter so much. In addition to his experience running Google Earth and Google Maps before they were everywhere, and then founding Niantic (which is now a $9B company) and creating apps that have been downloaded over a billion times, it’s his vision in how we can move society forward with technology that is refreshing and super relevant right now.


Only events occurring within Downtown Jacksonville will be accepted.
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