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Studio Practice: Alex Whitney (Virtual)


Join us for December’s virtual Studio Practice, led by Alex Whitney, artist and former gallery owner.

In this workshop, virtual guests will enjoy a lecture discussing color in art, covering the work of master painters of the recent past (warning: presentation will contain nudity). How does one see color? How does color influence how an artwork is perceived? These questions and more will be discussed by the artist, promoting a deeper understanding of color in art as a whole. After the conversation, guests will be invited to join Alex in painting or drawing a still life. This workshop, open to all skill levels, is designed for open conversations and creative expression.

*Due to the fluctuating hybrid / remote nature of this series, materials will NOT be provided to participants.

Please prepare the following materials before logging into the Zoom workshop:

Paint – the artist will be using oil paints in the colors detailed below:

  • Alizarin crimson – or any red
  • Ultramarine blue – or any medium or dark blue
  • Cadmium yellow – or any yellow
  • Burnt Umber – or any medium or dark brown
  • Zinc White – or any white

A dab of each color will do.

Participants may also use: charcoal, pastels, pencil, color pencils


  • Round – small to medium with a nice point to draw
  • Round or flat – medium brush to fill in wider areas


  • Canvas or canvas board for oils
  • Watercolor paper for watercolors or oil
  • Paper for charcoal, pastel, or pencil

A message from Alex:

​This Studio Practice is for anyone interested in art or learning more about art. You do not have to make art to attend this session. Whether you are an artist, an art collector, art lover, or an art novice looking to expand your knowledge or interest in art, there is something for you to enjoy. You will gain insight on how artists see the world around them and what I, as an artist think about while making art. Every participant will come away with a new or expanded understanding of art, painting, and color.

More about the artist:

Alex Whitney’s art is figurative whether landscape, still life, or live models. Her work provides the viewer a sense of “being there” in the moment or with the subject. Her quick application of paint is done with competency, using color, juxtaposing reality at times with the abstract. She does this with a flow that creates images showing forms often in both the abstract and the real moment of space and time.

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