Brimming with Possibilities

Southern and metropolitan, Downtown Jacksonville is the center of the city for 1.5 million people in the Jacksonville MSA. Geographically central to the region, Downtown is nearly four square miles and sits at the junction of Interstates 10 and 95. It is the heart of the arts, history, business and innovation, and civic engagement in Northeast Florida and welcomes people from all walks of life. Public-private partners, the City of Jacksonville’s The Downtown Investment Authority (DIA) guides and incentivizes investment, job creation and residential density throughout Downtown, while the Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) provides clean and safe services and stakeholder support in the central business district.

The State of Downtown

As Downtown grows, so does its impact on the region.

Each year, Downtown Vision tracks and analyzes Downtown’s performance in key indicators of urban revitalization, such as development, employment and residential.

2018-2019 Highlights include:

  • Development is on the rise:

  • $1 Billion in projects under construction
  • 5,220 Residents
  • 3,199 Multifamily residential units
  • 978 Units under construction
  • 7,411,000+ SF of office space (over 30% of the Jacksonville market)
  • 14.8% Office vacancy
  • $21.54/SF Average lease rate
  • 55,392 employees

Downtown makes up just 0.4% of Duval County, yet accounts for nearly 3% the county’s taxable value. Property Downtown is six times more valuable than the citywide average per acre, and its taxable value funds services and improvements throughout the county.

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The City of Jacksonville’s Downtown Investment Authority (DIA) was created to revitalize Jacksonville’s urban core by utilizing Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) resources. Guided by a nine-member board of directors, the DIA seeks to attract investment, facilitate job creation and increase residential density through capital investments, planning, advocacy, marketing and the establishment of policy for the general community and Downtown stakeholders.

Information & Incentives

Downtown Zoning Overlay

The Downtown Zoning Overlay was created to promote and encourage the revitalization and growth of Downtown Jacksonville. As recommended by the Master Plan, Downtown should be a desirable, high-density, mixed-use area that maximizes all of its available resources, insures compatibility between new and existing uses, and promotes well-planned development that is consistent with the traditional urban context. Learn more.

Downtown Development Review Board
Building Inspection Division
Downtown Sign Ordinance
Sidewalk Café Permitting
Downtown Sidewalk Vending Permits
Local Business Tax Information

Downtown Zoning Overlay

Downtown Retail Enhancement Grant

The Downtown Investment Authority (DIA) Board offers a Downtown Jacksonville Retail Enhancement Plan designed to help recruit and retain street-level restaurant and retail business, along with creative office spaces. The recoverable grants will cover costs associated with renovating or preparing commercial space to improve the interior appearance and utility of street level storefronts. Learn more.