PlacemakingJax FAQ


What is placemaking?
It will be defined by you and your community. Generally speaking, placemaking builds on a community’s assets to build healthier places together where all people can thrive. It helps to elevate, shape and sometimes transform the physical, social, cultural and economic qualities of a place. PlacemakingJax exists to empower residents through a highly collaborative and educational process to transform and activate public space.

How long do PlacemakingJax projects stay in place?
It depends. Some only last a few days. Others can last months—or even years. And some move from one location to another. It’s a very fluid, dynamic model.

What kinds of projects are being sought out?
Unique and unusual activations of public space that celebrate authentic Jax. The goal is to engage a few hundred people through each project, focus on a public space, and build a sense of belonging through the process.

How will success be measured?
Residents will work closely with Director of Placemaking Kady Yellow and provided technical support as well as access to a global network of experts to ensure the success of each project. Metrics for success will be determined on a case-by-case basis. 

Who funds these projects, anyway?
Significant funding comes from the funds raised at Downtown Vision’s annual #DTJax Gala, but it varies from project to project. It might be a local business, a civic group, a government entity, a foundation, a grantor, crowdfunding—or all of the above.

How is PlacemakingJax different from other planning initiatives?
PlacemakingJax removes barriers to access and emphasizes a grassroots process that’s citizen-driven and encourages the kind of stewardship that can sustain real and integrated change. This means projects can be implemented more quickly, are more easily evolved when needed, and are less expensive than top-down government planning projects. 

What’s the process for implementing these projects?
PlacemakingJax projects begin when Jaxsons share their ideas through our application. After an application is received, DVI staff, the placemaking task force, and a global network of experts will determine its feasibility and mission alignment.