Regions Bank Headquarters


This property was originally constructed in 1909 following the Great Fire of 1901 and is considered one of the most historic properties in downtown Jacksonville for its contribution to the resurgence of the city following the fire, as well as its architecture and continuing structural integrity. The property is under consideration for landmark status by the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Committee pending final designation by the City Council at this time under bill 2020-0728.

This project includes the use of DIA’s Downtown Preservation and Revitalization Program (DPRP) to bring the property back to more historic standards and other improvements needed to preserve and maintain the integrity of the structure for their continuing operating needs. Improvements begin with window replacement and exterior renovations to better seal the historic structure against weather and elements using techniques approved by the Secretary of the Interior that meet established rehabilitation standards. Future phases will focus on other needs related to Code Compliance requirements to make the property more accessible and functional as part of its growth strategy in the Jacksonville market.

Improvements made to this Property are deemed instrumental to the DIA redevelopment goals and objectives for Downtown Jacksonville related to protecting and revitalizing historic assets through creation of public private partnerships.